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Life Coach Jennifer Beitz

Welcome to SHATTER YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS ACADEMY where I reveal the 10 steps I took in order to be able to lead from my heart. These are the steps I’ve seen my clients go through as well as other women with whom I’ve enjoyed Jen-U-ine Conversations.

Welcome to My World

Throughout my life, any negative feedback felt like a personal attack. Others were quick to tell me that I should be happy, yet I wasn’t convinced. I actually thought that I was not good enough, and that is why I was not happy or successful. I’ve implemented high performance habits and practices into my daily routine to get back my inner power. I learned to use my voice in order to create a better world for myself, my kids, and my community. When I finally recognized that my worth is in my flaws, I was able to embrace my failures.

What Others Are Saying

Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee

I believed that just being me was not enough.

Jennifer is kind and compassionate, someone who genuinely wants to make the world a better place. She is a wonderful coach who has the ability to really listen and get to the root of what you are ‘trying’ to say. Her input allowed me to focus on the areas of my life where I needed more confidence. Jennifer also gave me the encouragement to just be me. She is a bright light in every way.

Chelle Shapiro

I believed I needed to change in order to be accepted.

Jennifer excels at helping others heal from the inside out. She has helped me navigate the best practices to reframe my limiting beliefs. This personal development and mindset work has allowed me to form healthier, more positive self-care habits. With each call I find myself opening up and diving deeper into practices like meditation. If you struggle with Imposter Syndrome, need help to put boundaries in place, or want someone to hold you accountable for your self-care routines I highly recommend working with Jennifer. She will empower you to be your best self.

Rhys Thomas

I believed I needed to do more in order to overcome adversity.

Jennifer has an unwavering spirit despite adversity. Her steadfastness and commitment to personal development is testimony to her heart, which I believe is what truly drives this exceptional human being to want to make a difference in other’s lives. Jennifer’s journey is similar to my own and I have been fortunate to share in her transformation from her days in corporate to her new found freedom as a coach and speaker whose ‘soul’ mission is to awaken others to their innate potential and unleash the same greatness in their lives. The care and compassion Jennifer has for her clients is second to none. If you have the opportunity to engage with Jennifer and even work with her I can guarantee the experience will be life changing. She truly cares about putting people first. This is why I want to recommend her and shout out her brilliance for all to hear.

Bhavana BP

I believed I needed to do things like everyone else was doing.

I’ve known Jennifer since October of 2019, and we instantly clicked. She’s the one who introduced me to #humansfirst, and life has never been the same. Jenn is soft spoken, warm, and a truly genuine soul. It was her POV ‘shatter your limiting beliefs’ that I couldn’t get out of my head; it also really resonated with my heart. Conversations with Jennifer increased my confidence, which led to my website and business launch the following month after meeting her. Jenn is a mentor and the type of ‘soul sister’ who has my back. Jennifer has had her own transformation and is on her path transforming other lives through her coaching.

Oleg Lougheed

I believed I had no option other than to change.

I remember the time Jennifer and I first connected on my podcast. What stood out to me immediately, was her genuine desire of wanting the other person to be heard and validated through their story. After getting to know her more, I can confidently say that her desire still remains strong. It is an honor to share space with Jennifer, as I always walk away having learned many things I can apply to myself. She opens my eyes in various ways as to how I can be more in service to others.


with Jennifer Beitz

In these courses Jennifer Beitz offers mindset growth that improves emotional wellbeing and allows you to connect with yourself in a meaningful and more positive way. Learn how to deal with anxiety and not only face your fears, but shatter them into pieces. Jennifer empowers you to shift your awareness and become deeply connected to your joy, happiness, and freedom. By the end of each course you will have experienced a new story, acquired deeper awareness of your self-sabotaging behaviors, and developed profound self-reflection skills.

Course Descriptions

  • Beliefs * Mindset * Self-Talk

    When we are aware of our beliefs, mindset, and self-talk we discover our ability to change. It is very empowering to be able to choose which thoughts to entertain and which ones to let go. The practice of meditation and the process of letting go of the past, allows us to be happy now. In this course Jennifer teaches how to discern between our own voice and the voice of others. Whose voice are you listening to these days?

  • Journal * Gratitude * Habits

    We can replace old thought patterns by creating new ones. In this course Jennifer teaches how repetition is the key to success and how journaling can and does improve emotional well being. It gives us the opportunity to sit with ourselves while increasing our awareness. Are you achieving the success you want by continuing to do the same things over and over or is it time to make a change so that things can change?

  • Boundaries * Self-Care * Lead from the Heart

    By setting boundaries we are communicating to others that we value ourselves. This saves us time as well as energy. Jennifer teaches how to take the love and acceptance we so freely give to others and turn it towards ourselves. In doing so we begin to feel accepted, validated, and loved. We now have the ability to lead from our hearts. Where did you learn about creating healthy boundaries?

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